Jump! Swim Schools Shreveport

7141 Youree Drive #100Shreveport, LA 71105
Phone: 318-995-3043
Business Hours: Monday/Sunday: CLOSED, Tuesday: 9 - 1PM, 2 - 3PM, Wed/Thurs: 3:30 - 7PM, Friday 8:30 - 1PM, 2 - 3PM, Saturday 7:30 - 3PMEmail: shreveport@jumpswimschools.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Take advantage of their current fall special!

Right now, when you use code #MACKID with your paid registration, you will get your first lesson FREE!

Get your kids ready for the pool NOW!

  • Heated Indoor pool for lessons
  • Small Group Lessons
  • Private Lessons
  • Parent/Child Lessons
  • Students as young as 3mths
  • Learn water safety
  • Adult Lessons Available

Jump Swim School Shreveport offers both group and private classes for children ages 3 months to adulthood.

All Private lessons are set up by appointment before or after regular scheduled classes

Group Lessons are shown on the website schedule page under "Book Lessons Now" icon on their website. 

Right now, when you use code #MACKID with your paid registration, you will get your first lesson FREE!

You can pre-book now and make your payment when you arrive for your first lesson.

Enjoy this purpose-built, warm indoor swimming facility where the pool water is maintained at a toasty 90 degrees and maintained daily.

Jump! Swim School Shreveport offers small class sizes with a maximum of 2 classes meeting at one time. 

This allows your child the ability to learn away from the pressure of summer crowds, and allowing them to focus on their lesson with minimal distraction, delivering the perfect environment for teaching swimming skills.

Jump! Swim School is now accepting babies ages 3 months to toddlers age 2 or 3 in their Parent/Child classes. 

This is based upon your child's comfort level. Classes are 30 minute lessons. 

In parent and child level lessons, a parent is required in the water. 

This leverages off of the trust built between a parent/relative and your child to help them through the initial stages of conditioning and confidence. 

It is also recommend that you wear a top that can be easily held by your child while in the water. 

Parent and child classes have a maximum of 6 parent and child partners in the water for a given session making for the perfect small group setting.

Right now, when you use code #MACKID with your paid registration, you will get your first lesson FREE!

The next level class consists of children ages 3 to age 14 in the Independent child with a teacher class. 

These classes are 30 minutes lessons with a maximum of 4 children in our Beginner Crab level, Octopus level and Frog level and a maximum of 5 students in their Stingray and Marlin upper levels.

Jump! Swim School Shreveport also offers adult group and private 1 hour lessons which follow the American Red Cross "Learn to Swim" program.

Business Review

                               Check out the class schedule HERE                               

"We absolutely LOVE Jump Swim School!! Nash has made so much progress in just a short amount of time! His instructor Leah is AMAZING!! Everyone is so nice and welcome every time we come! I highly recommend!"

- Kix Hutchins

"We love all the teachers and staff at Jump Swim! They are patient and kind, always! The class sizes are small, so the kids can get one on one instruction."

- Destiny Calahan

"We love Jump! Swim! We’ve been going since they opened and my kids always look forward to their lessons. The staff is knowledgeable, training is comprehensive, lessons are fun and engaging, and my kids have learned so much about swimming, pool safety, and more! My daughter has moved up two levels so far and my son has moved up one, almost ready to move up again soon! Cannot recommend this place more"

- Karyn Rimmer

"We signed all 3 of our kiddos (ages 12, 5 and 2) up for lessons at Jump Swim and they are all loving it!! They are learning so much, and most importantly, they are learning water safety. I can’t wait to see how much they grow. Today was only their second lesson and they already showed improvement. I contribute that to the instructors who are amazing and help the kiddos gain confidence. I highly recommend Jump Swim!!"

- Cheri Lynn

"Jump Swim is SUCH a wonderful bonding experience for me and my infant plus a perfect introduction to water safety and play. Hudson is 6 months and in the ducking class? And I can’t wait to see him progress over the years!"

- Jennifer Jackson Drygas

"We LOVE Jump swim. My 5 year old son has had private swim lessons for the past 2 summers but was still terrified of the water. Even washing his hair was a nightmare as he would not let his face get wet. He is over that fear and just got a certificate for diving down for the sinking toys at Jump Swim. We go twice a week and he looks forward to his lessons. The instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable and I like how every class has the same pattern of what they are going to do so my son knows what to expect. I am certain he will be swimming independently by the end of the summer and we will probably still continue lessons through fall and winter."

Stephanie Sistrunk Giddens

"We love Jump, my little Debra love her classes, she start when she was 6 months and since then she love it.... the teachers are really awesome. caring and ready to help and teach our little babys.... and even if it's not your teacher they are really friendly. We just love it."

- Claudia Luna

Check out the class schedule HERE

Right now, when you use code #MACKID with your paid registration, you will get your first lesson FREE!

**First Lesson FREE With Paid Registration & Code MACKID**

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