Geek'd Con 2023 Celebrity Photo Op Schedule

By by Mimi Rankin Webb - Macaroni KID Shreveport Bossier ~for Moms In the Know August 17, 2023

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Part of the fun of these conventions is getting the chance to meet your fave celebrities, artists and MORE and have the chance to get autographs and have your picture taken with them.

Knowing WHEN your faves are scheduled and available is super important because some only appear briefly and once the line closes, that's it, you'll miss your chance!

Recognize the name but not where you know them from? You can find their bio's & more HERE on the Geek'd Con website!

You can be sure not to miss your chance by pre-purchasing your turn in advance HERE.

Kevin Smith


Kevin Smith is...well, he's Kevin Smith.

Get your autographs and photo ops ordered in advance (its highly unlikely they will be available on-site) so you don't miss out!

You can pre-purchase your photos/autographs HERE.


6:15 Marilyn Singles

6:20 Clerks 3 Brian/Jeff/Marilyn

6:30 Clerks Duo Brian/Jeff

6:40 Brian/Jeff Singles


11:30 Veronica Taylor

11:40 Steven Universe Trio

11:50 Deedee/Estelle/Michaela Singles

12:00 Godfather/Papa Shango

12:10 Kurt Angle

12:20 Colton Haynes

12:30 Irene Bedard

12:40 Richard Harmon

12:55 Sam Witwer

1:15 Barry Lowin

1:25 Dorian Kingi

1:35 Chris Bartlett

1:45 Sean Biggerstaff

1:55 Brandon Routh

2:05PM - Nadi Jeter

2:15PM - David Howard Thornton

2:20PM - Colton Haynes

2:30PM - Joey Lauren Adams

2:40PM - Clerks Duo (Brian/Jeff)

2:50PM - Clerks Trio (Brian/Jeff/Marilyn)

2:55PM - Harley/Jennifer Singles

3:00PM - Kevin Smith singles

3:15PM - Family (Kevin/Jennifer/Harley)

3:30PM - Jay & Silent Bob (Kevin/Jason)

4:00PM - Clerks 4-person (Kevin/Jason/Brian/Jeff)

4:10PM - Clerks 5-person (Kevin/Jason/Brian/Jeff/Marilyn)

4:15PM - Jason Mewes

4:30 Sam Witwer

4:40 Brandon Routh

4:50 David Howard Thornton

5:00 Ross Marquand

5:15 Richard Harmon

5:30 Sean Biggerstaff


11:30 Veronica Taylor

11:40 Steven Universe Trio

11:45 Deedee/Estelle/Michaela Singles

12:15 Barry Lowin

12:20 Dorian Kingi

12:30 Chris Bartlett

12:40 Sam Witwer

12:50 Brandon Routh

1:00PM - Kevin Smith singles

1:15PM -  Family (Kevin/Jennifer/Harley)

1:20PM - Harley/Jennifer Singles

1:25PM - Jay & Silent Bob (Kevin/Jason)

1:45PM - Mallrats photo op (Kevin, Joey, Brian, & Jason)

1:50 Joey Lauren Adams

1:55 Clerks 3 Brian/Jeff/Marilyn

2:00 Clerks Duo Brian/Jeff

2:05 Brian/Jeff Singles

2:10 Brandon Routh

2:30 Sean Biggerstaff

2:40 Godfather

3:00 David Howard Thornton

3:10 Colton Haynes

3:20 Irene Bedard

3:30 Nadi Jeter

3:40 Richard Harmon

3:50 Ross Marquand

It is suggested that you be in line for the photo op 10 minutes prior to the published photo op time. 

Photo ops begin at the specified time and end as soon as there is no one in line. 

Note that refunds will NOT be given for missed photo ops, so you want to be sure that you are in line before the cut-off!