#318Rocks : The RedRocks Painted Rock Project

Art & a scavenger hunt: what a perfect way to get creative & engage the community!

March 25, 2022

#318Rocks!: The #RedRocks! Project is a grassroots community arts project brought to the area by local Artists & fellow Mom's Mimi Rankin Webb, Heather Blue Steele and Debbie Lynn Hollis back in the fall of 2015 & is designed to bring our community together through a creative arts activity.   

It was established on the premise to promote POSITIVITY throughout the Shreveport/Bossier & surrounding areas and is a part of the larger nationwide Kindness Rocks Project.  Our one and only rule is to be Respectful. 

We know that is broad and open for interpretation. If you are unsure - just ask yourself these 3 questions - Does my rock or my words Cultivate Kindness in others? Am I Planting Joy??  Would this make ME smile???  

We encourage everyone to go out and plant joy because we have become ArtRock Farmers!  We have an online community HERE where you will discover creations, hints, and finds from other members. 

It's amazing watching our community come together to do great things and share happiness across the area!!! We believe and you're all showing that truly #318Rocks! with our #REDROCKS! communitywide arts project and initiative.  

The idea is simple enough: paint rocks (with positive messages, colorful characters, or anything you'd like, and tag them with #318Rocks! or #RedRocks!) and "plant" them throughout the community, like a city-wide Easter egg hunt.  

We encourage everyone to join in on the #318Rocks!#REDROCKS! fun. 

Watch online for clues to where you can find creations, and feel free to share your OWN picture clues & "Found IT" selfies!  

Creating art and encouraging creativity + activity (= creactivity?!) by painting rocks to hide around the Shreveport/Bossier & Surrounding area (the WHOLE area!!) or wherever you travel! YES we've even run across them while on vacation, they really ARE nationwide (which is why it's best to use your area-code as people try & collect them from each!)  

Use these to brighten someone's day, send a needed message, or just to spread joy. The goal is to encourage art, creativity (I'm using it!) and community: All of the things the #318Rocks! #RedRocks! Project is all about! 

Join us and have some fun!  If you find an #ArtRock, take a picture and share it with us HERE

You may either keep the newfound creation OR or keep in in circulation and choose to re-hide the rock! 

If you want your rock found and posted back here, our suggestions of what to write on the back are.......   

1. #318Rocks! & or  #RedRocks (use the fb logo, too)     

2. 318Rocks or RedRocks! (use the fb logo, too)     

3. Post a pic to #318Rocks! RedRocks Project Group or PAGE, Keep or Re-hide your ArtRock! 

4. Find us on facebook, RedRocks, #318Rocks! Or instagram & post a pic, #318Rocks! #RedRocks, Keep or Re-hide. 

*Please make sure your artwork is sealed with a sealer (Glossy or Matte Clear Coat works great, Modge Podge or even Clear Nail Polish works! Sometimes it takes a few coats)  

*National Parks and Private Property are off limits UNLESS permission is granted. (Respect is also part of having fun!) 

So get out & about, grab a rock the next time you are on a walk and paint one to hide and spread some cheer! 

Here's how you can paint your own rocks together as a family, a project that requires very little money, materials, or prep!

What You'll Need


You can purchase a bag of 60-70 river rocks at your local home-improvement store for a little over $12 per bag. These stones are generally large enough to accommodate a single word or phrase. You can also head out and find your own stones to paint while out on a walk- the larger ones may even provide enough space for an inspiring quote or larger masterpiece! 


You'll first be painting the rocks with colored acrylic then use a clear spray paint (gloss finish looks best) to seal your artwork and protect it from the elements. After allowing about 10 minutes for your artwork to dry, use a sharpie or fine tipped marker to write #318Rocks! on the back so that everyone can track their creations out in the wild!

Once the rocks have been inscribed, you'll apply a coat of clear acrylic spray-paint to "seal" the rocks. All of these items are readily available at your local craft store.  

Plastic sheeting or Newspaper

(or some other appropriate drop-cloth to protect the ground or floor where you plan to work).

A Few Tips Before You Get Started

  • Depending on the surface of the stones you end up with, you may consider spray painting a selection of rocks so that you have a good surface to work with in advance. That way the littlest ones can get straight to decorating with Sharpies or gel pens or whichever you plan to use.
  • Follow the instructions on the spraypaint cans! For best results, shake the cans for at least 60 seconds before using and aim at the rock from a few inches away using a side-to-side sweeping motion. Too much paint will take longer to dry and create a more difficult surface to write on.
  • Watch out for the black Sharpies. Black lines have a slight tendency to run when you seal with the clear spray-paint. There are many other colors to choose from - including metallics - for a nice "pop" against your background color.
  • Consider where and how you'll be displaying the finished rocks. Some like to create "inspiration gardens" in the yard or at a nearby park, for example.  I find it more fun to make #ArtRockDrops: distributing the rocks as I am out and about shopping, on walks or traveling even.
  • Posting picture clues (EXAMPLE) to where you've placed the rocks is also fun and allows others to find your clues online and head out in search of a specific creation. 
  • When found, it is customary to take a selfie with your find, then put it BACK out into play yourself making your OWN #ArtRockDrop and posting new clues online.
  • Write the hashtag #318Rocks! on the back of your rocks so that the people who find the stones will know where to look for more information and to post the "Found" selfies. 
  • Post your pictures online! Use the hashtag #318Rocks! when posting to social media.

318Rocks : The RedRocks Project-  find us on fb to leave photo clues to play the game in our community!

Hide your painted rock somewhere in public, then take a photo clue & post it to social media (twitter, fb, instagram or snapchat) & then give it this caption so that others know what to do when they find it!

"Find this shiny #ArtRock here!!! It's a #RedRocks#RockDrop!!! Find it, take a selfie with it then rehide it in a new spot and leave a photo clue just like this one posted on your fave social media of choice! OR keep it as a collectible and make your own #ArtRock for the #RedRocks! #318Rocks! Project and post and hide to share the fun!!! Share here and in your timeline so we can find, see & seek!!! #318Rocks!"
318Rocks : The RedRocks Project-  find us on fb to leave photo clues to play the game in our community!

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