Aerial Expressions Shreveport, LA

1240 Shreveport Barksdale HwySuite 109 & 110Shreveport, LA 71105
Phone: (318) 347-2608Email: aerialexpressionsshreveport@gmail.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Aerial Expressions is located in Shreveport, LA and offers instruction in Aerial fitness which introduces students to a variety of aerial apparatus including Silk, Loop/Hammock, and Lyra.

Classes focus on developing strength, control, and movement awareness as well as flexibility and grace. Students can begin at age 5 with adult beginning and intermediate classes available.

Aerial students will see an improvement in total body strength. Basic aerial  skills also benefit the whole body as well as the mind. 

Spinal elongation, relaxation, and stress relief are just some of the benefits of taking Aerial classes! To get started, you don't even have to have any experience in dance, yoga or Aerial Arts. 

They will teach you the basics, and YOU get to make progress at the rate that is comfortable for YOU! Not only are these classes fun to participate in, but they are also beautiful to watch! Classes are available for youth AND adults. You can choose to learn to work with Silk, Loop/Hammock and Lyra! Aerial Expressions also offers birthday parties and private group lessons as well as holiday & summer camps and parent's night out events for kids.

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YOUTH CLASSES (Ages 5 & up) 
$80.00 month ~ 1 hour long weekly class
$110.00 month ~ 1 & 1/2 hour weekly class
$145.00 month ~ 2 hour weekly class 

$170.00 month ~ 2 & 1/2 hour weekly class

$190.00 Month ~ 3 hour weekly class

$240.00 Month ~ 4 hours per week

$270.00 Month ~ 4.5 hours per week

$300.00 Month ~ 5 hours per week

$25 Drop-In Fee  ~ 1 hour

$20 Drop-In Fee ~ 1.5 hours

$30 Annual Registration Fee Due Upon Enrollment

Fall Youth Class Schedule

Introductory Adult Package

2 Adult Beginning Level 1 Classes $25 per person

Expires 3 months from date of purchase

Frequent Flyers

Expires 1 year from date of purchase

5 Class Package $100

10 Class Package $175

Adult Class Schedule