Daytime Playtime Kids Can Help Prepare Your Child For Magnet Testing

By by Mimi Rankin Webb - Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Moms In the Know Publisher September 16, 2022

Check out Daytime Playtime Kids at their *NEW LOCATION* located conveniently across from Office Depot at 8201 Jewella Avenue in Shreveport AND try a FREE 30 minute class!

Are you worried about your child passing that tricky kindergarten magnet test? 

Shannon Ali with Daytime Playtime Kids can help you with that! 

Led by a certified teacher, these Magnet Prep classes teach foundational literacy skills, pre-math concepts, and MORE, so that your child will be confident when testing time rolls around.

Last year, 5 out of 5 of their private students were accepted into their 1st choice schools which is exciting! 

Not testing for magnet, but still want your child to be prepared for kindergarten? 

No worries! Your child can still join these classes and benefit from these educational yet engaging classes. 

Daytime Playtime Kids also offers the opportunity for students to take classes in pre-reading/reading and handwriting to get them ready for school when the time comes. 

Let Daytime Playtime Kids help get your child ages 2-7 get ready for school!

K-Skills is literally Daytime Playtime Kids most POPULAR class! Parents are highly encouraged to sign up for at least two classes per week if your child is in K Skills. 

K Skills is also perfect for those of you who are getting your child tested for magnet school or even those in kindergarten who want their child to get extra practice. 

Students will learn skills to get them ready for kindergarten such as letters/sounds, basic concepts, math concepts, academic language, handwriting skills, and more in these fun yet educational classes.

***You can enroll online now, but this class does require a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment on file to enroll in this class. Evaluations from this summer do count if your child already has had one. 

Click HERE if you need to first schedule an evaluation before registering for class and are a new student!

Awesome Articulators is a newer class offering that is now available to help your student practice producing the correct speech sounds. 

In Language Lab, students practice receptive and expressive language skills through games, stories, and more. 

These are small classes with a Max 4 students for each. Students must be evaluated before enrolling in Awesome Articulators AND Language Lab

Both of these new class offerings are a great complement to children receiving speech therapy services. 

Spaces are limited, so be sure to register now to secure your child's spot before they fill up!  

Looking for Mommie & Me style classes for you and your younger child? Check out Daytime Playtime Kids awesome Baby and Me class! 

Daytime Playtime Kids will open new Baby & Me classes for September! 

These fun and engaging classes give you AND your baby or toddler the opportunity to socialize with new friends which is therapeutic for both new Moms AND their little ones.

Enjoy a 6 week session of Daytime Playtime Kids Baby & Me classes for kids up to age 3 and a carer!

Together, you and your baby will enjoy fun songs, bubbles, story time, sensory play and parachute time and more while engaging in fine motor play which helps with development. 

These fill up quickly, so register now online HERE.

Also available are a wide range of reading & literacy sessions. There is quite a variety of sessions to choose from!

Intro to Reading sessions help students learn letters, sounds and practice phonological awareness skills to get ready to be strong readers. (Typically PreK-kindergarten level)for ages 3-6.

Daytime Playtime Kids Beginning Readers Sessions help students practice phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension to improve their reading skills. (Typically advanced PreK or just completed kindergarten) 

Students MUST already know 20+ letters/sounds and will be screened for this class.

Students will practice letters, sounds, and phonological awareness skills (ages 3-6). 

You can register your child HERE for these fun yet educational classes so that your child is ready for the school. 

Beginning Readers II guides students as they practice phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension to improve their reading skills. (Typically advanced kindergarten or 1st grade level) 

Students MUST already know how to read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant words) fluently. (Ex. nap, sun, sit, men, bot.)

Kindergarten Prep is also a favorite offering from Daytime Playtime Kids. Students MUST have a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment on file to enroll in this class. 

This Kindergarten Prep class is for students who plan to take the kindergarten magnet test or for those who did not score well on their kindergarten readiness assessment. 

Book your child's assessment today. Testing takes place on Saturdays and limited spots are available.

Daytime Playtime Kids will also provide you with speech, language and literacy tips that you can use to practice educational skills both in AND outside of class as well as at home together. 

Help your child catch up, get extra practice, or get ahead of the curve this summer with Daytime Playtime Kids.

**First Lesson FREE With Paid Registration & Code MACKID**



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