MacKID Shreveport Bossier FREE Printable Personalized Valentine Cards

Get Free Personalized Printable Valentine's Day Card Sets For Your Child's Class & Your Family

By Mimi Rankin Webb, Publisher - Macaroni KID Shreveport-Bossier ~for Moms In the Know January 18, 2024

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast! 

It always sneaks up on me because I feel like I've barely recovered from Christmas & New Years!

After years of late nights spent scrambling to assemble cards for our kids to give out to their classmates at the very last minute, I wanted to find a way spare everybody those cramped hands from trying to scribble those names x 20 if I could help it.

I sat down and figured out a way for you to easily have personalized Valentine cards for your child's classmates WITHOUT the hassle.  

It took a bit of fine-tuning, but I managed to configure personalized printables that we can print out at home!

This means not only will the names be legible, but our kids won't be embarrassed by our messy handwritten cards that doing them the old fashioned manual way and they'll be excited and proud to gift their friends and classmates with these Valentines!

Now, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I want to share them with you!

All you have to do is pick which set you want for your child and print them out on cardstock or construction paper so your little folks can enjoy sharing friendship and love with the people they love! 

(And we won't tell anyone that you even waited until the last minute!)

You can choose to either attach the appropriate candy or colors to the cards with a piece of tape, OR you can go all out and make little gift bags using the Valentine cards as gift tags tied up with bits of brightly colored yarn or ribbon in Valentines colors, your choice!

Either way, you can't go wrong this year with these personalized printable Valentine's cards AND the best part is, your hands won't be cramped from trying to fill them out!

You may want to gather supplies such as cardstock and sticker paper if you want to make the decal accessories, and you will need scissors and tape to attach crayons, trinkets or candy to the finished cards.

These turn out so much nicer looking than if I were to hand-write them ALL myself. Usually, the kids get tired and cranky over trying to write in their classmates names.

This will spare you the cramped hands and cranky kids and leave just the fun part of assembling everything!

Follow these quick easy steps to create your own set of personalized Valentine's Cards for your child:

1. Select your preferred set from the options above by clicking on the picture of the set of your choice (Choose one or any combination that you prefer.)

2. Enter in your personal email address you would like to have your Valentines emailed to, then click submit.

3. Follow the instructions on the form to input the first name and last initial of each recipient in your child's class (for example: Ashley S.) one for every child. You can always fill out more than one set until you have the desired needed amount of cards. The giver's name should be the child or person who will be handing out the Valentines to their class (ie: your child's first name & last initial.)

4. Once you hit submit, you will receive an email to your inbox with the file containing the cards. Download the Valentine's Day printables to your desktop by clicking on the pdf file and saving them to your computer.

5. Print out the cards on 8.5-inch x 11-inch cardstock. Be My Valentine Set A & Be My Valentine Set B both come with extras that you can choose to print out on sticker paper to create labels for water bottles, juice boxes or whatever you decide to stick them on. There are even banner pieces in the set. You could also just use clear packing tape in a pinch if you don't want to go the sticker paper route!

6. Depending upon which card style you have chosen, either attach the corresponding candy kisses / smarties or color crayons to the card using tape or you can use small party bags tied with brightly colored ribbon with the cards attached to the ribbon via a hole punch, your choice. You can be as creative or simplistic as you like!

Then, give them to your kids to pass along to friends, teachers, and family -- all the people they care about! 

Bonus: You can also use these cards as a label for candy treat bags, a decoration for treat pouches, or as a gift tag. 

See? Easy-peasy and done in a flash! And that's the best kind of Valentine's Day gift I can give you! 

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day from all of us here at Macaroni KID Shreveport Bossier ~for Moms In the Know!

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