Shreveport - Bossier Area Family Fun Selfie - Scavenger Hunt

Solve the riddles to find these neat locations around the Shreveport-Bossier Area & win!

By Mimi Rankin Webb - Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Moms In the Know Publisher July 9, 2020

Your mission is to see how many of the following riddles you can solve. Prove your knowledge of the Shreveport-Bossier area by visiting each location and taking a selfie or fun family pic that reflects your answers to each. 

Each riddle will lead lead to a place where you can explore and learn more about the area in which we live, giving you a fun new place to visit and explore further if you wish. 

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Shreveport-Bossier Family Fun Scavenger Hunt & Explorer's Walk

  1.  I see YOU Pikachu: find & take a pic of your fave Pokemon in Shreveport.
  2.  This marionette LOVES to tumble and is Unstrung!
  3.  Enjoy exploring this peaceful garden where the far east meets the west edge.
  4.  Find an elephant. BONUS if you can find 2!
  5.  Better than a lighthouse, this flame lights the way into downtown! Bonus if you find ANOTHER flame!
  6. Visit Shreveport's Zombie Hall of Fame 
  7. Put on your blue suede shoes & visit the King of Rock-n-Roll
  8. Have a tea party along the river as you find safe harbor
  9. Find the tight-rope walking, top-hatted turnip.
  10. Feel  small like Alice as she read her fave "Frog Prince" story.
  11. Take a selfie with a Dalmatian  
  12. This keeps a CLOSE EYE on downtown Shreveport.
  13. True Blood wasn't filmed here, but it DID put this spot back on the map for most!
  14. Blankets abound: show us your favorite!
  15. Why DID the chicken cross the road? Something Shreveport has been pondering for quite some time!
  16. Point with this famous owner of a 12 string guitar!
  17. Check out this cool mosaic from the revelry of days gone by.
  18. Reach critical Mass & explore this coolspace!
  19. Feeling tall as Paul Bunyan or did you have cake for tea and are feeling small like Alice?  Show us!
  20. Visit this Victorian Machine and learn all about water!
  21. Visit Logan's huge house where you can also have tea!
  22. Pay homage to the Muses: goddesses of music, poetry & the arts live here.
  23. Visit Theodosia.
  24. Visit this Bossier zoo.
  25. Take a pic of your team in a Gazebo. Bonus if you find one on each side of the river!
  26. Visit the area's rocks and take a pic of them using your frame if you completed the Frame Challenge HERE. Bonus if you visit rock formations from both sides of the river!
  27. Find your favorite fountain: Bonus for one on each side of the river!
  28. Find a waterfall in the middle of a sculpture garden
  29. Find a locomotive!
  30. Is the cannon real? Bonus if you check out the tank.