Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Moms In the Know Summer Fun Challenge


By by Mimi Rankin Webb - Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Moms In the Know Publisher July 1, 2020

🗽🍢🎇Welcome to the Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Area Summer Fun Challenge. Each week we will post a theme and at least four challenges that go along with that theme.  

Most are Photography based challenges combined with Arts and Crafts. Some challenges may include things made as part of another challenge.

Starting today, you may post your pictures for everyone to see for this challenge as a comment in our Facebook Event detailing this week's challenge.  

CLICK HERE to access our Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Moms In the Know Facebook event containing this week's Summer Fun Challenge and post your contributions here as a REPLY to the challenge post. 

Be sure to include the name of your "TEAM" as well as which challenge your photo is documenting and how you completed it/met the criteria where applicable so that you can have your pictures voted upon. 1 submission=1 entry into the contest. You can gain ADDITIONAL entries for any likes you gain on your uploaded post.

The winning team will be announced at the end of each week allowing for plenty of voting time. Your team & creations will be featured in our weekly newsletters and the winners posted there as well. 


  1. Follow the theme for the week. You may pick one or more of the available challenges to do for that week.  
  2. Each challenge may have its own specifications/criteria.  Please check the rules before posting.
  3. You may start posting pictures HERE as soon as the Theme for the week & challenges are released and have 7 days to have your pictures posted to enter.
  4. Make sure your pictures are clear and labeled before hitting post!
  5. When posting your pictures, please put the name of the challenge & your team name in your post.
  6. Any pictures and projects posted must be made or taken by you or someone in your family & posted during the week of the current challenge you accept.
  7. You may vote for your favorites for 1 week with tallies being made officially & comments turned off at the end of each 7 day period to allow for tally.
  8. You agree to allow Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Moms In the Know use of your photos/creations with regard to this contest & all material related to the challenge. You retain the rights to your creations & photos.
  9. All ages are welcome.
  10. Any posts or pictures not appropriate will be removed.

🗽🍢🎇The challenges are for all ages and YES your family can be its own team OR you can grab a friend or neighbor to play along with.  

Each week, a new set of challenges will be announced along with any rules and directions that need to accompany them. 

All arts & crafts challenges will have multiple ways of completing them, so you can use whatever you have around the house and improvise to complete them. 

I will always include links to inspiration and ideas to help you get started as well as options for a wide range of ages so everyone can participate.

Entries/Likes will be tallied on a week to week basis for the duration of the game with the overall top team winning a gift basket at the end of the summer.

You may start posting as soon as you complete your first challenge. Each week we will have a different set of challenges to complete. 

Don't forget to watch for next week's challenge in the next newsletter & to see your creations featured! 

Have fun, be creative and GOOD LUCK!

🗽🍢🎇Week 1:

Project challenge #1

Decorate your window(s) OR Front Porch for the Fourth and then share your Team creation HERE on our event page to for an entry into the contest! Click HERE for inspiration & ideas!

🗽🍢🎇Project  challenge #2 

Make a Fourth of July craft using this pin-board for inspiration! Click HERE for inspiration! You can make a fire-cracker craft, a wreath, something to decorate your table or porch OR something to help complete the first challenge! Don't forget to take a pic and share it to our event page HERE with your Team name & challenge number so you can get your entry!

🗽🍢🎇Project challenge #3 

Make something festive yet tasty to share with your family for the Fourth! Click HERE for inspiration! Don't forget to post a pic HERE for your entry!

🗽🍢🎇Project challenge #4

Design then decorate a hat, shirt, shoes, mask or other article of clothing you can wear to show your patriotism for the Fourth! Find some inspiration and get some cool ideas by clicking HERE!  Share you creation HERE to get credit & an entry into the contest for your Team!

🗽🍢🎇Bonus🗽🍢🎇Project challenge

Create a game to play for your Fourth of July Festivities! Click HERE for inspiration! Show us how it's played HERE for your entry into the contest for this BONUS Challenge!