Pandemic Time Capsule Activity For the New Year

Make your own history to share with your grandchildren one day!

By by Mimi Rankin Webb - Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Moms In the Know Publisher December 25, 2020

During the Pandemic, I'm loving the idea that we can create a family time capsule that documents our thoughts and experiences. 

You have the technology that our forefathers never had so the opportunity presents itself to begin documenting our journey with photos, videos, and tangible items to remember this often trying time. 

Attached you will find a printable that you can have the kids color and fill out. Take the suggestions and let them inspire you. 

In the documents below, I hope you find inspiration and a place to begin collecting your experiences and ideas. 

I hope this journey gives you all a chance to bond and talk about the current times and also have a little fun together as a family. 

Keep it real and invite your kids to add any "essential items" that made this one moment in time memorable.

Keep everything in a sealed envelope or container. Maybe make an afternoon out of decorating the box you plan to keep them in with your children. 

Include favorite things cut from magazines or perhaps let them color pictures to use as "Wrapping paper" around the outside. 

Once you complete yours and this is all over, wrap the entire thing closed with clear packing tape to preserve this for a whole other time!

When you are finished or when this is all over with, whichever comes first, pick a spot to bury or hide your Pandemic Time Capsule for your grandchildren. 

If you choose to capture everything digitally, email it to yourself with a future date or save it in the cloud. Do not open anything until the future date that you choose.  

Add a calendar reminder for the opening date if you wish, or bury it in your hope chests or closets for later.

Remember, this pandemic will not just be discussed among friends or future classes, but it will be forever a part of your family history. 

We hope to come out with some fun memories, lessons learned, and of course forever grateful for our health, home, family, and friends.

Even though we are all feeling stuck at home at the moment for the most part and our journeys will not be exactly the same, we should document everything good AND bad (besides it's somewhat therapeutic) and leave a bit of history quite purposefully.  

Write to your future selves, write to your grandchildren even. You never know what will become seriously valuable to history.  

We will get through this together. Just take it one precious day at a time and enjoy time with your family if your situation affords it.

Download COVID-19 Pandemic Time Capsule 

Download COVID-19 Pandemic Time Capsule - Adult Version

Be safe, be healthy, and take care of each other!

Mimi Rankin Webb
Editor and Publisher Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Moms In the Know


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