Mom Truths Game For a Great Girl's Night Out

Truly a Game of Giggles!

By by Mimi Rankin Webb - Publisher January 21, 2020

On the eve of my monthly  support group for parents of kids living with special needs, my co-facilitator & I ran into a huge planning block: what can we do that's different?

I had recently been given Mom Truths Game to check out and review and I could think of no better group of ladies to share this experience with than our support group!

We had one Mom who needed a serious Mom's night out with the STAT! She was feeling down in the dumps & missing her baby who has to live several hours away in order to get the supports and much needed services she requires. We wanted a way to cheer this Mama up!

Another Mom was feeling blue over not being able to shake an ailment that she even went so far as to have surgery to try and get some much needed relief. As it turns out, she ended up with an infection that made her feel even worse than she did to begin with: three different times. This Mom NEEDED a pick-me-up!!! 

One of our guests was driving back home from a particularly stressful school field trip where a student had managed to get extremely sick and require emergency surgery in the middle of the event and BOY oh BOY was she ONE TIRED LADY in need of a break! She drove directly to the restaurant to meet us all the way from Baton Rouge which is right at four hours away!

This was literally THE PERFECT TIME to break out my new Mom Truths Game that I had recently been sent to try out and review! It's the new adults-only card game created by leading mommy influencers Cat and Nat. This game plays very much like Cards Against Humanity, but with raw, uncensored, and hilarious set-up and completion cards all about being a mom. 

We decided to pour ourselves a little glass of something as a pick-me-up  (Wine🍷... Double Shot of Espresso☕️...Diet Soda🍼...pick your poison!) and get ready for some cold hard mom truths. 

For instance, "Packing for a family vacation is almost as enjoyable as" WHAT? Would you say "pretending the kid is not mine", "watching my hubby try to feed the baby", or "stepping on tiny toy pieces for the 10,000th time"? Those are just some of the PG options in the game. 

To play, everybody gets five pink Mom Truths Game completion cards. Each round, a different player officiates as the judge, drawing a purple Mom Truths card for all to see. 

The other players then pick the pink card from their hand that they feel best completes that purple card's phrase. The goal of the game is to create the best mom truth through matching and pairing up the set-up cards (purple) and the completion cards(pink.) 

The judge then has the honor of trying to keep a straight face and not get the giggles while attempting to read ALL of the combinations out loud. Then comes the HARD part:  you MUST pick your favorite response combination. 

Let me tell you, it's oftentimes HARD to pick just one! The player who played the chosen favorite pink card response wins the round and in our situation, we chose to allow the winner the right to judge the next one.

There's no actual set way to end the game. The instructions just say to play for as long as you like or until the wine bottles are empty, the coffee pot runs dry, or in our case, the restaurant turns off the lights and throws you out for the night!  

Yep, you guessed it, we literally ended up shutting the place down and tried playing on into the night in the parking lot using the hood of the car, we were having such a great time! Our waitress was even playing along at one point along the way!

If you wanted to, your group could pre-determine a set number of rounds to play before you begin. Another option is to designate that, when a player wins a round, she gets to keep her pink card.  The first player to win 10 pink cards is declared as the overall winner in this case. 

We chose to use the purple cards are tokens and hand them to the winner of each round with the idea we would tally up at the end of the night. Whoever holds the most purple cards is declared winner and must bring the wine for the next game. It works for us!

There are also blank pink AND purple cards.  This is great because it allowed us to get creative add our own amazing mom experiences into the game in real-time which made for an even funnier evening.

I know, I know, maybe we were just delirious that night, after all: we're sped-moms and always seem to be a tad more stressed than most.  It could be possible, but I'd wager that you'll find this game *H*I* L *A*R*I*O*U*S* whether you're a new Mom, the Mom of a three-nager or the harried mom of a wayward teen!

That, and you REALLY get to know the other players and their sense of humor, too! It's a great way to really let down your hair and relax and relieve a little stress! All that laughing you're going to do during this Mom Truths Game has GOT to be good for the soul!

Sometimes, the game could get a little risqué as it is PG and all, but we're all adults!  Much of the point of the game is to get moms playing together and laughing over the brutally honest experiences of parenthood and life in general. 

So, yeah, the game could get a little crazy, but isn't that what every mom needs in her life?  A night out with the girls reflecting over the finer oftentimes hardest parts of being a mom while gushing over the parts we cherish?

The Mom Truths Game is for EVERY mom, ages 21 and up. You can play the game with three or more players and really, the more, the merrier! The game includes 400 cards (75 set-up cards and 325 completion cards) and a set of blanks in each color making it where you can customize it to your situations.

Together with an evening out at our fave restaurant, this game gave us a relaxing night out blowing off a little steam and giggling until we couldn't stand ourselves. 

I mean, they literally had to turn the lights out on us and we almost didn't notice for being so invested in playing! Get your own game set by clicking HERE or from Amazon by clicking HERE.  Try the Mom Truths Game on your next Girl's Night Out, you'll be glad you did!

***I received this game free in return for my honest opinion & review.