MacKID Shreveport Business Spotlight: Simply Clean Diaper Service

Thinking About Making the Switch to Cloth Diapering? Enjoy this FREE Informative Class!

By by Mimi Rankin Webb - Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Moms In the Know Publisher December 28, 2021

Simply Clean Diaper Service provides easy cloth diapers for any family! 

Did you realize that Simply Clean Diaper Service is the only cloth diaper service in Northwest Louisiana? Who knew? 

They are SUCH lifesavers for soo many new Moms, especially! 

They provide everything you need to wrap your baby in the softest cotton, even the washing! 

Standard diaper service includes cotton inserts, waterproof covers, cloth wipes, wipe solution, diaper pail, and travel wetbag for just $24 per week. 

Simply Clean Diaper Service will deliver clean diapers weekly AND guarantee that you will never run out! 

Starting in 2022, they will also offer big kid as well as adult diaper sizes in their basic service plans which will be a HUGE help for our community, especially for families of children and adults living with disabilities. 

With their basic diaper service, you will get cotton inserts or prefolds, a diaper pail and weekly washing for $17 per week. 

Give Simply Clean Diaper Service a call today to get started or to pre-register for newborn service. 

Saturday January 8, you can join Simply Clean Diaper Service online HERE for a FREE Cloth Diaper 101 Class and learn how easy cloth diapers can be! 

Cloth diapers are becoming more and more popular among new families as the world focuses on becoming more eco-friendly and green. 

They have many benefits over disposables in an environmental, health-conscious, and financial way. 

Disposable diapers tend to make up 50% of household waste in homes with a child in diapers. 

It takes an estimated 250-500 years for disposable diapers to decompose in landfills, and they just so happen to be the third largest single consumer item found within them! 

Using cloth over disposables also keeps about 6,000 diapers out of the landfill for every one baby in just two years. 

To put that into perspective, it’s essentially the equivalent of covering a football field several inches deep, end to end with dirty diapers, EWW! 

Cloth diapers do not contain the potentially harmful chemicals found in disposables, and they also reduce the incidence of diaper rash lessening that out of pocket cost for creams and remedies necessary for raw bottoms! 

They feel soft against your baby’s skin and with all the cute covers, they will look adorable on your munchkin! 

Simply Clean Diaper Service is a professional, full, diaper service, meaning they bring clients clean cloth diapers every week and trade them for their dirty diapers.  

They will wash and sanitize the dirty diapers according to hospital safety standards then pack them up and bring them back to the client the next week. 

Simply Clean Diaper Service also offers cloth diaper only rentals for families who want to try out cloth diapering without making a big investment up front. 

Those families rent the actual diapers from the service, then wash them at home week to week opting to then swap out the diapers at the end of each month for a fresh supply leaving the deep cleaning and stain treatment on the rented diapers to Simply Clean Diaper Service to cover. 

A "Wash My Stash" option is also available for families who already have their own diapers but don't want to do the washing themselves. 

It also offers a one-time deep cleaning (stripping) of a client's personal diaper stash as part of this option. 

Simply Clean Diaper Service offers discounts for active military, foster families, and families who receive government assistance. 

They also offer a small selection of new and used cloth diapers and diapering accessories for sale with local pickup available. 

Watch our Macaroni Kid Calendar for them to host even MORE free Cloth Diapering 101 classes around town in the very near future! 

Diaper service costs about the same as the average disposable diaper if not cheaper once you factor in less diaper rash and faster body awareness promoted by cloth diapering which leads to faster potty training. 

Interested in getting started with Simply Clean Diapering Service? Check out, email them at, or give them a call (318) 759-7783.

**First Lesson FREE With Paid Registration & Code MACKID**



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