Happy Halloween Week!

The week ahead

By by Mimi Rankin Webb - Shreveport-Bossier Publisher October 29, 2019

Happy Halloween week, everybody!

We have a LOT going on this week with Halloween. I know I'm getting last minute costume pieces ready, scrambling to remember to make time to carve our pumpkin together, and making sure we have our Halloween buckets & bags ready to grab as we head out the door to some fun area events! Don't forget to breath even for just a little in the middle of all the rush as it's easy to get overwhelmed and forget to enjoy this time with our families. Take LOTS of pictures while you're out and about!

I have updated the Halloween Guide to include even MORE fun things for you to do with your families and even a few date night options in case you can get a sitter!  I know we have our Halloween night route planned out and a game-plan on who will tackle which part of getting the kiddos ready & dressed up and decked out for trick or treating. Hopefully we can pull it off without a hitch! Watch for pictures later this week, we always have something funny to share from celebratory shenanigans.

Later this week, November will be here and with it, comes a whole new set of things to plan for. Thanksgiving cooking lists and that massive dreaded grocery list will soon be the focus of our days (I cheated last season & used the local grocery pick-up option & just ordered much of it online which was great!)  

Don't forget time change will happen this weekend as we "Fall back."  Those of us with infants will want to start NOW by backing up their daily schedules (especially feeding/naps) by about 15 minutes each day until you've gradually acclimated them to the new time schedule. This way, they won't notice that anything has really changed by the time Sunday rolls around. I did this for mine being that they are serious schedule babies and it worked like a charm!

Last of all, I want to talk about something super cool that is coming to our area. This past Monday, Shreveport Common Park had its grand opening: this means that we now have a new place to go and play! 

This Saturday morning, the public will have a chance to help celebrate the opening of the new park AND this really cool new art installation that opens the same day by heading down to Artspace in downtown Shreveport and joining in as we welcome the Friends With You Rainbow City interactive Art installation to the Shreveport Common park. 

Bring the kids to Artspace between 10AM & 12PM to make some parade swag and to pick your Krewe.  At 12:30 pm, everyone will gather with their chosen Krewe and line up to form the parade which will kick-off at Artspace then head down Texas into Shreveport Common for the official grand opening of Rainbow City!

This means that you and your child can be among the very first to play in this interactive inflatable art installation and enjoy the celebration brought to us by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council. Grab a friend and make a day of it. I'll be there with my own kiddos and hope to see you there!

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