New Children’s Book Teaches Confidence to Kids

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By Alison Wenger, Lebanon, PA October 23, 2019

I believe in you.

Four small words that carry tremendous power when we speak them to our children.

Best-selling author Nancy Tillman is spreading that message with her new book I Knew You Could Do It.

A celebration of everyday accomplishments as well as life’s milestones, I Knew You Could Do It applauds anyone who has overcome hurdles and challenges, and also cheers them into the future.

Words that evoke confidence and perseverance combine with images reminiscent of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, so that parents and kids will enjoy the adventures that come to life on each page.

Whether it is learning to tie shoes, shaking first-day-of-school jitters, or making new friends, this wonderful new book can help to celebrate everyday accomplishments and large milestones.

Tillman is also the best-selling author of the children’s book On the Night You Were Born. You can find her books at online retailers or at your nearest bookstore. An exclusive edition of I Knew You Could Do It is available at Barnes & Noble.