Celebrate July in many ways

By Andrea Gilmer, Bossier Parish Library July 2, 2019

In honor of the fact that it is (officially or unofficially) a month that has been dedicated to many things, I thought I would feature several of my favorites and offer hopefully helpful or at least entertaining options for celebrating said dedications. 

For example, some celebrate July as National Anti-Boredom Month. Personally, I’m never bored though I am sometimes incapable of concentrating on one single thing for any length of time. If you do suffer from bouts boredom or lack of focus, like me, why not borrow something from the library to alleviate some of that? There are TV series and magazines for the shorter attention span moments; watch an episode or read an article before hopping on to the next activity! Or if your periods of concentration last longer check out some of our movies and books. We’re constantly expanding the collection so you’re sure to find something you’ve never watched or read before. If you don’t want to get out of your car, place the item you want on hold at our Aulds, Central, or East 80 locations and you can have it brought out to you with our Curbside Pickup service. Or browse the apps (OverDrive, Libby, Hoopla, Flipster) for some entertainment right at your fingertips without leaving your airconditioned home! 

Apparently, July can also be celebrated as National Culinary Arts Month or National Grilling Month. In which case, I recommend wandering through some of the international recipes on A to Z World Foods. I have had fun tying out some recipes from this database, especially when I have some random ingredients on hand but no specific plan; you can just search by the ingredient and then scroll through the results until you find a recipe that appeals. It’s also fun to browse recipes by country or even type. If you happen to be going to a barbeque this month and need to bring a side-dish, maybe check out some options on this database. You could be the hit of the party for bringing a unique and amazing-tasting dish! 

Not particularly fond of cooking for yourself? Well, now would be a great time for you to celebrate National Ice Cream Month or National Hot Dog Month, especially if you’ve been participating in our summer program and have earned some of the coupons our sponsors have provided. Wendy’s gave us Junior Frosty coupons and Sonic gave us Mini Blast or Slush coupons just to name a few; which, technically, the latter isn’t ice cream but it’s ice and its flavored so I’m going to pretend it counts for celebration purposes – plus slushes are cold when it’s been getting hot outside! 

Any way you choose to celebrate, have fun and stay cool! 


Coming Up: 

Aulds         742-2337   

Sunday, July 14 @ 2:00pm – Kids Crafternoon, ages 3-12 


Benton       965-2751   

Friday, July 12 @ 10:00am – Baby Laptime, ages 0-2 


Bossier Central       746-1693    

Saturday, July 13 @ 2:00pm – Trivia: Harry Potter, all ages 

Monday, July 15 @ 9:30am – Café Connect, ages 18 and up 

Tuesday, July 16 @ 2:00pm – Teen Tuesday: Lightsabers, ages 13-17 


East 80        949-2665   

Saturday, July 13 @ 11:00am – Brunch & Books (Book Club), ages 18 and up 


Haughton          949-0196   

Saturday, July 13 @ 3:00pm – Book Social (YA Book Club), ages 9-12 


History Center         746-7717 

Saturday, July 13 @ 1:00pm – Second Saturday Screenings: On the Basis of Sex (PG-13), all ages – parents are encouraged to consider content and rating of movie before bringing young children 


Plain Dealing       326-4233   

Saturday, July 13 @ 3:00pm – Solar System I-Spy Busy Bags, ages 6-12 


Tooke        987-3915   

Friday July 12 @ 2:00pm – Summer Experience: Exploring Our Universe, ages 0-12