Looking for FUN for your kids this summer?

By Pamela Kennedy April 27, 2019

Parents are looking for FUN for their kids this summer and our summer guide gives you some great ideas with some local summer camps and fun activities. Paks Karate has been in business for many years because they offer great service, expert instructors and fun while learning. 

They are registering now for kids ages 5-12 and the kids get to enjoy indoor and outdoor fun, playing in the Extreme Kid Cave video game rooms and going on field trips. The prices are very reasonable and all-inclusive, no hidden fees! It's a great opportunity for your kids to make some new friends and they'll have some great stories to tell their friends when they go back to school. 

I know what it's like to have to work but to make sure that your kids get to enjoy being a kid and Paks works hard to ensure that your kids are in a safe environment with great employees who care about the kids. They are grouped by age and get plenty of exercise during the day. 

Get registered today before they run out of room!