Ready to shop?

By Pamela Kennedy March 7, 2019

My child is growing--REALLY FAST. I have a house full of stuff that needs to go to make room for more clothes that she'll grow out of quickly. Anyone else? That's why I'm so glad that Reruns are Fun is here, it's a great event that happens twice each year that helps us clear out the old and make some money off of it and bring in some "new". This week they start accepting drop-offs for their Reruns sale and soon will be accepting for their Homeruns sale. I *think* the weather will be changing soon so it's a great time to go and get rid of the winter clothes that won't fit next year and fill in with some summer and spring treasures. I love that their clothes are clean, organized and easy to find in the right size. We always leave with some goodies and save a lot of money.

What are you looking for? I bet they'll have it. Follow their Facebook page to get a sneak peak of all of the goodies coming in and if you want to shop early be sure and volunteer, it's fun and you find out about all of the good stuff first.