We want to hear from YOU

By Pamela Kennedy February 21, 2019

I work hard to send this newsletter weekly and keep you all "up" on what's going on in our community but sometimes I could use some help. I would love to hear from you--what do you want to see here, do you have something special to share, an original recipe? Email me at and share with us and the community.

Here are a couple of specific things that we are looking for now:

  • Are you a Mom who loves being a Mom but you're tired and could use a break? Sometimes you struggle to still have time for you? Email us and tell us about it or an idea of how you manage to "do it all".

  • We are wanting photos of your family doing family stuff! We want to feature some of our local families on our Facebook page by making them our profile photo. Send a pic that you think is fun and want to share. 

I hope to hear from you soon!