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By Andrea Gilmer, Bossier Parish Library February 15, 2019

In this week’s column, I’m thrilled to announce that Pronunciator (our online language-learning resource) has added American Sign Language to its databanks! Pronunciator has been steadily adding new languages and is now up to 98 different languages offered, and includes the option of switching the interface to Spanish for those looking to practice their English skills.

If you’ve never used Pronunciator before but are looking to either start learning a new language or just want to brush up on existing skills, this database offers a multitude of options for you. You’ll first want to create an account (free with your library card!) which will allow you to keep track of your progress. You can choose the “Personalized Courses” option, which gives you much more freedom to tailor your language learning to your preferences. 

If, like me, you’re new to a language then you may want to start with the “Main Courses” option instead. I just started with this section in American Sign Language (ASL) because it gives you drills, quizzes, audio selections, movies, music, and more to work through. You can start with basic vocabulary to give you familiarity with your chosen language before you progress to more complex lessons.

The third option you can choose from is “Learning Guides and More” which offers 8-week courses, city tours, and interactive grammar practice. I’m still playing around with all of the options, and you can always make a different selection should you discover you’re more advanced than your original selection is geared toward; or, conversely, you can back-track should you need a refresher in some areas of a language you’re working on.  

Currently, I’m practicing Core Vocabulary in ASL since I’m a beginner. Vocabulary is divided by subjects, such as color, history, pronouns, and more which I’m finding incredibly helpful for memorizing. Eventually, once I’m comfortable with the vocabulary, I will move on to their more advanced classes which are structured around essential verbs, creating sentences, conversation, and more. 

I’m discovering this is a great opportunity for me to at least gain a basic understanding of another language since time is a commodity and this allows me to learn and practice at my own pace. It also seems as though it would come in handy for practicing outside of a class. I wish this had been around when I was studying Spanish in high school! If you’re curious to learn more call, stop in, or just go onto our website to try Pronunciator out for yourself!

Coming Up: 

Aulds         742-2337  

Sunday, Feb 24 @ 2:00pm – Kids Crafternoon, ages 3-12


Benton       965-2751  

Friday, Feb. 22 @ 10:00am – Baby Laptime, ages 0-2

Bossier Central       746-1693   

Thursday, Feb. 21 @ 6:00pm – Rage About the Page! Book Club discusses: Sci-Fi!, ages 18+

Thursday Feb. 21 @ 6:00pm – Goodnight with Grandma K, ages 0-5

East 80        949-2665  

CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS – Update: Noticeable progress on the parking lot is slated to begin in January 2019 (barring more weather delays)! Thank you for your continued patience.  

Haughton          949-0196  

Friday, Feb. 22 @ 10:00am – Dead President’s Trivia, ages 18+

History Center         746-7717 

Monday, Feb. 25 @ 6:00pm – R & R Series with Dr. Stephen Webre, ages 18+

Plain Dealing       326-4233  

Friday, Feb. 22 @ 4:00pm – Pizza Making Class, ages 9-12


Tooke        987-3915  

Thursday, Feb. 21 @ 11:30am – T-Shirt Quilting, ages 18+

New Materials:

  • Cherry Blossoms by Kim Hooper (Fiction; Book)
  • A Danger to Herself and Others by Alyssa Sheinmel (YA Fiction; Book)
  • Forget You Know Me by Jessica Strawser (Fiction; Book)
  • The House of Assassins (Saga of the Forgotten Warrior) by Larry Correia (Fiction; Book)
  • The Wedding Guest by Jonathan Kellerman (Fiction; Book)