An Interview With the Tooth Fairy, Plus a FREE Letter For Your Child!

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By Mimi Rankin Webb - Publisher, Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier Moms In the Know & Jennifer Hill, publisher of Macaroni Kid Fremont, Calif. January 3, 2021

Macaroni Kid was lucky enough to snag an interview with the elusive Tooth Fairy herself! This was our chance to get ALL of our questions about the Tooth Fairy answered.

As a bonus to all of you awesome Macaroni Kid readers, the Tooth Fairy is offering you a chance to receive a FREE personalized Tooth Fairy letter for your child! Talk about magical tooth fairy fun! 

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Now let's get on with our interview!

MacKid: What color is your gown and do you wear a tiara?

Tooth Fairy: GLITTERY! My gown is all glittery and EVERYBODY knows that all that glitters MUST be gold! This is why some children may find a little glitter on them or their pillow when I visit. And yes, I ALWAYS wear my tiara, even to bed! 

MacKid: How do you get inside the house?

Tooth Fairy: Why, Fairy Magic, of course! Once you go to sleep, I can pop right inside with a wave of my wand, that's all it takes! I don't really have to use any window or door or chimney to get in and out quickly and quietly. All I need is my pixie dust which of course is fueled by the magic contained inside your baby teeth!

MacKid: How do you find out who to visit? How do you know who lost a tooth each day?

Tooth FairyI have a magical pixie-dust-powered list, and every time a child loses their tooth, their name and address magically appear on my list, POOF!

MacKid: How can somebody soo tiny carry all of that money, treats and teeth that it takes to do the job right?

Tooth FairySimple: It's all in my fairy magic! I just stash everything I need into my magical pixie-perfect purse and it always fits: PERFECTLY! Wouldn't it be A*M*A*Z*I*N*G if suitcases worked the same way, too? Hmm...I'm going to have to talk to my cousin about exploring that possibility, thanks for the idea!

MacKid: Where do you live?

Tooth FairyI live in Fairyland. It's the most magical, glittery place in the whole wide world.

MacKid: What do you do with all of the teeth you collect?

Tooth Fairy: We use them in Fairyland to help produce more pixie-dust to power our magic. If we meet our quota, we can use the left-overs to make these adorable cute little fences that look great in our gardens. Some fairies even use them to build their fairy-houses like bricks! Waste-not, want not, I always say!

MacKid: My son once actually LOST lost his tooth. He wanted me to ask: Can you find a missing tooth?

Tooth Fairy: Most definitely. I am SUPER Stupendous at finding a missing tooth, so don't you EVER worry if you lose your tooth before leaving it out for me while you sleep! If it makes you feel better, and you think I won't get the notification in time, go ahead and leave me a note so I know where to start looking. NO WORRIES, I'll still leave you a little something when I pick up that note as payment! With your help, I should have no problem tracking it down to recycle into pixie-magic! 

MacKidHow many teeth do you collect every night?

Tooth FairyOh myI collect SOO many teeth -I once actually tried to count them all and almost missed getting ready for work the next evening because I had so many! I had to stop so I wouldn't miss my shift, I wouldn't want to miss anybody! It's all so very enchanting to count teeth, I could count for days and days and I sometimes get carried away and miss my collection shift! I HATE that it happens, but it's a pixie-problem I'm working on. NEVER worry, if I get carried away, I PROMISE I'll make it up to you as soon as I can! Typically, I just miss it by an evening, but sometimes the power of the pixie dust in those baby teeth is SOO strong, it takes a few days to recover and get back to work!

MacKid: Do you ever take a night off or a vacation?

Tooth FairyYES! The Fairy Flu is very catchy and if I get sick or hurt from pixie-popping into the wrong place at the wrong time, or play with the family cat and get nicked, then I have to take the night off or have to take a mandatory vacation because I was caught counting teeth AGAIN. So don't worry if I don't show up one night -- I will definitely come when I am all better again or when I get back from my vacation! EVERYBODY gets overwhelmed and makes mistakes SOMETIME, and sometimes a vacation is JUST what the doctor ordered! I will ALWAYS make it up to you!

MacKid: How do you decide how much money to leave for each tooth?

Tooth Fairy: The amount of money I can leave for teeth changes all the time. Sometimes I can leave more money and other times, I have to leave less. Sometimes, I even leave a little treat, it just depends what's going on at the time. But no matter what, if you keep your teeth healthy, clean and sparkling white, I'll leave you a nice surprise in exchange for your teeth!

MacKid: Do you only leave money or do you leave other things also?

Tooth Fairy: I usually leave money. However, from time to time I might leave you a small toy or another surprise!

MacKid: Do you know Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?

Tooth Fairy: Oh, yes! They are both VERY good friends of mine. But we are all so busy making children happy that we rarely get a chance to hang out. Plus, too many of us together at once can mean some MAJOR magic and mayhem!

MacKid: At what age do most kids lose their first tooth?

Tooth FairyOf course, every child is different. I have collected teeth from children of almost EVERY age. The average age is about 5 to 6 years old, though.

MacKid: Does it hurt to lose a tooth?

Tooth Fairy: It may feel a bit funny at first, but that is normal. If you force it out before it is ready to fall out, it will probably hurt a little. And sometimes, the dentist has to pull out a tooth, but they have special medicine to make that not hurt. If you have a EXTRA-wiggly tooth, remember to be patient and try to give it some time! Once it's ready, it will come out easily and not really hurt at all. Just remember, once your tooth falls out, it will leave a space that feels funny at first, but you will get used to it super fast! Remember to take a selfie or have your parents take a picture of your new smile! You will have a new one every time you loose a new baby tooth and again when your adult tooth comes in!

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Jennifer Hill is the publisher of Macaroni Kid Fremont, Calif.



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