Our new partner Shreveport Aquarium

By Pamela Kennedy January 24, 2019

I am so excited that Shreveport Aquarium has signed on to be our birthday sponsor! They are a wonderful addition to our community and offer plenty of fun for the entire family. Recently I ran a review from Macaroni Kid S/B friend Cyndi McConnell who is a season pass holder and her family loves spending time together there. 

Did you know that the Shreveport Aquarium offers birthday parties? What a unique party that kids of all ages will love and they even offer themes like: Pirates, Pre-historic creatures, Under the Sea, sharks and more! Your child will be a hit with their friends and will have the best birthday ever at the Aquarium.  Contact them today to find out more and set up your childs party. 

Be sure and submit your childs birthday for our monthly giveaway of 2 tickets to the aquarium. Send a photo, name, age and birthday to, please send one child per email so I can keep up with them a little easier. I'll be accepting February birthdays until Monday, January 28th. 

I'll see you at the Shreveport Aquarium!