A review of the Shreveport Aquarium

By Cyndi McConnell, Macaroni Kid December 14, 2018

Have you been to the Shreveport Aquarium yet? We LOVE it! In fact we love it so much we went ahead and got season passes. You can find us there pretty often. It’s so great for kids, mine are 2 and 3 years old... but any age child would love it... even my own age 

It’s such a great set up. Just follow along the path, no getting lost or missing anything. They have a great variety of fish and tanks in the first section. Then it takes you outside. The outside portion is closed in and covered on top, so we get to enjoy it in any weather condition! There are turtles, ducks, and more fish to view in this section. And a big open space with some areas for kids to play. My kids love to play on the big turtle and “drive” the boat. Next, you head back inside. Clean your hands and you get to touch all kinds of things! Starfish, shrimp, stingrays, jellyfish, and more! There’s always someone there to teach you how to properly do it and to tell you all about the creatures. The staff is so full of knowledge. It’s never a disappointing trip. In between all of this is a big tank that you can walk under. Check out for sharks while you do! 

And after you’ve finished walking through, they have a gift shop and restaurant you can visit. Right now they even have a little area set up for Christmas. You can color, make snowflakes, and write a letter to Santa. They also gave the kids free hot chocolate! We’ve noticed as we’ve been going, that they are constantly making improvements throughout. It’s always a well worthwhile trip and we learn something new each time. Going to the Shreveport Aquarium is one of our favorite things to do around town!