Creating Memories this Christmas

By Pamela Kennedy November 29, 2018

We all do it every year. Load our kids with toys and stuff that they play with for a little bit and then it's forgotten. It's inevitable especially with all of the television commercials telling them what they HAVE to get. I know that we all try and put limits on our kids but it is hard. I've always heard the saying "kids want your time, not your money", well that's kind of true. I mean kids want money, mine wants my time AND money but time carries on with them into the rest of their lives. My daughter asks me to sit and watch a movie with her because she likes spending time with me and I hope that she'll remember that when she becomes an adult more than that weird little peeing doll I got her a while back. 

Recently I was speaking with one of our sponsors and we talked about how many opportunities Shreveport gives to  families to create special memories, we have tons of businesses that provide fun for the entire family. Then I read an article on MumCentral about a Grandma creating an adventure box and it gave me a fun idea for my readers. So I reached out to some of my business owner friends around town and came up with an amazing giveaway! We are going to help you create memories with your kids! 

I am going to be giving my daughter some gift certificates from some of these places but you can use them to gift or to create memories around the holidays. Some are events happening before Christmas and some you can save until after Christmas but they all are incredible. Here are our current sponsors: Escape Shreveport, STEM Events and Lunch, Shreveport Aquarium, Jubilee Zoo, G-Rock Climbing, Splash Kingdom and we have a few other things to throw in that we'll surprise you with. 

We will do some of the giveaways on Facebook, some in the newsletter and one at an upcoming family night at Chick-fil-A at Youree Drive. But to win you MUST BE SUBSCRIBED, if you are not then another winner will be picked so go subscribe now. You can only win one time and one entry per household. I do ask that you come back and tell us about your adventure and memories created, we would love to share them with our other readers.

So good luck and be watching all of our connections to see how we can help you create memories this Christmas.