Paw Patrol Live--A Review

By Cyndi McConnell October 12, 2018

My assistant Cyndi McConnell was sent tickets for Paw Patrol Live for a review. While given tickets to the show this is her review in her own words.

We had the BEST time at Paw Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue! The kids were so excited to see “blue” and “Skye”, their favorite characters, come to life from the screen. The show and cast were so enthusiastic and had us all so in to the show and story line. We were concerned with them, helped them find clues for the race, and we celebrated with them for all of the victories both small and big. And the songs! We LOVED all of the singing and dancing along with our favorite characters. Not only did we see them up on stage, they were even interactive with the audience! My daughter loved that she got to see the people sitting around her up on the big screen and that she got to give a chicken a high five!! The Paw Patrol worked together to save the day and we were thrilled that we got to come along for the ride, cheer them along, and celebrate with them! The kids did not want to leave when it was over... It was a night that our whole family will never forget!