Meet Dianne Kaye from Paw Patrol Live

By Pamela Kennedy October 4, 2018

Last week I had the privilege of interviewing a performer in Paw Patrol Live and I am excited to share a little about her with you. 

How did the live show come about? 

With the popularity of the show, the creators wanted to give an interactive experience.

What type of performances have you done?

Dianne has performed in critically acclaimed musicals throughout the United States and Australia, such as Les Miserables (WTC), Hairspray (RMS) and Forbidden Broadway (CST). She has also been fortunate to originate a number of lead theatrical roles, the most notable being ‘Queen Bee’ in the immersive musical The Bee and the Tree (Mongrel Mouth).

How did you audition for your role?

I submitted an audition online

Favorite character? 

Rubble, because he is quirky and the biggest and funny but also very sensitive.

How may cities have you traveled to on this show so far? 

We kicked off in June 14 and have traveled to 8 states so far my favorite being Birmingham Alabama.

Do you have dogs? Pets? 

Yes a Maltese Terrier

Favorite part of doing the show?

Seeing the audience interact. I love to see them up and dancing with us.

Whats one of the favorite parts of the show that the kids enjoy?

I think when Everest gets to use her snow mobile.

What should the kids who watch the TV show look for?

Look for locations that are familiar including Adventure Bay and The Lookout

What can the kids learn from the show?

Learning lessons on teamwork, citizenship, educational value.

Don't miss this show coming to Bossier City October 12-14! You can get tickets online at Ticketmaster or at the Centurylink Box Office.