Teaching our kids life skills

By Pamela Kennedy October 4, 2018

I often hear people say kids these days are just not respectful. Then I spend time around some adults and I know exactly where it comes from. Teaching kids respect and basic life skills is hard in this crazy busy world. I try my best to raise my daughter to be kind and respectful but I am by far perfect. Sometimes she does things and I want to go stick my head in a hole but I know that she is still a kid and is learning.

That is why I am excited about the program Surfari Pals. This is a program that mails out kits every month that teaches kids skills such as saying please and thank you and being an asset to their community. It's really some simple things that I grew up learning but I tend to forget because we are so busy in this world today. Something as small as making their bed daily, which is not a big deal to me because let's face it I don't make my bed every day, but it can teach them responsibility and a schedule which is very important to children.

We have ordered the first kit and I am so excited to get it and start working with Amelia and to be able to share with you some of the things that we are learning together. I am taking this not only as a time to teach her but for us to do it together because if I can't take 30 minutes out of my day to just turn off the phone and focus on her completely then I have failed her.

Be watching for updates on our Facebook page and in the newsletter. Check out their website because this may be a perfect fit for your family. I know the younger you start them the better, we are starting at 10 years old so it may take a little bit more effort but if I can teach her to give more than she takes of our world then it is worth it.