Girls only

Girls only clubs are still necessary

By Pamela Kennedy September 13, 2018

I grew up in the age of women's liberation,  I've always believed that women could do anything that men can do and am trying to raise my daughter to be a strong woman. While men are known to have more physical strength I'm not sure they could survive childbirth and put a child under a boulder and watch Mom get them out!  We all have to recognize our own strengths and it's not based on the gender of a person. 

Recently I saw a church post  an event and found it offensive--GIRLS WILL BE LEARNING BABYSITTING 101 AND BOYS WILL BE LEARNING BASIC SURVIVAL SKILLS. I thought, what if a boy wants to babysit and don't girls need to know how to survive? I do get the basic idea but I am not a fan of putting boys and girls into categories based on their gender, I know that my daughter would not have any interest in babysitting. But it really made me think on some things as a Mom to a daughter and I realized that while I may not agree in this case I do believe there should be some separate groups. 

Because of protest some groups now want women to be able to join Men's clubs and vice versa, it seems to be to prove some point that we should be able to go and do whatever we want. I'm not sure how I feel on the adult aspect of this yet but I believe that when it comes to youth we need separate girls clubs. If we merge them all then we lose the opportunity to build the strengths of our girls. We have amazing groups like Girls on the Run and the Girl Scouts which do more than teach our girls basic skills. They give our girls an outlet and an opportunity to learn from each other and to build each other up. We need these groups because many times when in a mixed environment our young girls tend to shrink down and let the male counterparts take the lead. We have to teach our girls to take that lead role but we have to first build up their confidence and the best way to do this is to keep some organizations separate. 

Our girls need an outlet to talk and learn how to work together and build each other up so they can continue to do that as they grow into women. When we take these groups away we are taking away much more than we are giving.  By letting the girls learn in these female only groups that gives them the strength later in life to be able to handle themselves in mixed groups. Otherwise they may not be able to efficiently learn to stand up and be counted.

There are times that we can bring the kids together but let's not miss a great opportunity to build up our girls.

*I am the Mom on a girl, I realize these groups are just as needed for boys but it's hard for me to speak on that since I don't know that perspective*