Macaroni Kid of the Week, August 2

Sponsored by Splash Kingdom Shreveport

By Pamela Kennedy August 2, 2018

Meet our new MACARONI KID OF THE WEEK, Sponsored by Splash Kingdom Shreveport---Kyleigh

Kyleigh, you've made a big adjustment but I hope you both will be best friends one day.  Enjoy a fun day at Splash Kingdom!

From Kyleighs Mom:

I would like to nominate my 7 year old daughter Kyleigh for the Macaroni Kid of the Week. Over the last year, Kyleigh has had to adjust from being an only child to having a little sister. After maintaining straight A’s last school year, she has spent her summer helping take care of her 1 year old sister and teaching her new things. She is a big helper to both her parents and grandparents. She helps her nana water plants, feed the dog, and help with her sister. We are so proud of her!