Time to talk about sleep

By Pamela Kennedy March 8, 2018

I have never been a good sleeper, I would say I've had trouble sleeping all night most of my adult life. Even if I can fall asleep, staying asleep is impossible and I wake up several times a night. I really don't have a reason for this; maybe it's stress, a messed up sleep pattern, something in my genetics but I do know that it's not easy to deal with. So when the Macaroni Kid headquarters emailed looking for publishers to test out one of our sponsors product and it was something to help with sleep I jumped on it! I'll try just about anything and have, but haven't had a full nights sleep in years.

Natrol is a drug-free and non-habit forming Melatonin. I have personally tried various brands of melatonin before and did not have much success but I know that each brand makes theirs differently so I was excited to give Natrol a try. 

My first thought was that I'm glad it is dissolve-able , most of these types of products can taste pretty bad but the strawberry flavor is actually really good. You are supposed to take it 20 minutes before bed but I had my doubts, I thought there was no way it would work that quickly with me but it actually did. It's hard to explain but I didn't just fall asleep but I drifted off in a very relaxing way, I knew I was going to sleep and felt so comfortable. To be honest I did still wake up a couple of times during the night but I was still relaxed and was able to go back to sleep fairly quickly, that is something that I rarely do and have been known to worry and stay awake for hours. 

The next concern was how would I feel the next day. There is nothing worse than feeling groggy when you have tons of work to do and all you really want to do is just go home and sleep. But with Natrol I woke up refreshed and had no side effects. I am a high stress person, I tell everyone that my best ideas come at 3:00 a.m. but I know it's not healthy, sleep impacts your health in so many ways--well lack of sleep certainly can hurt your overall health. 

With Daylight Savings coming you  may need a little help to make up for the lost hour and Natrol can help #getyourhourback

I can honestly say that is product is something that I would recommend to parents and other adults who are having trouble going to and staying asleep. It is recommended for adults over 18, be sure to follow the directions on the bottle and talk to your doctor. Look for the purple bottle when you head to the store to make it easier to find Natrol. 

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*I was compensated financially and with product for this review, however it is in my own words and my true experience*