From the Publisher

By Pamela Kennedy February 22, 2018

I am tired. No really, I am exhausted. Running two businesses and being a Mom and wife sometimes literally makes me feel that I could collapse at any moment. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love owing my own businesses and working for myself is great, I'm a much better boss than my previous ones but I'm also much tougher on myself. Macaroni Kid Shreveport/Bossier provides me a chance to meet local people, learn about local businesses and find plenty of things for my family to do. It has shown me just how much our community has to offer. And Mom on the Go let's me help people, while making money. I mean that has been my dream as long as I can think. 

But I also work 80 hours a week sometimes, I go all day without a break for lunch much less to catch my breath. I'm fortunate enough to be able to attend most all of my daughters activities but then I have to make up that time later. From the moment I get up I'm taking care of someone else, the cats, the child, clients, school and on and on. I know that many of you know how I feel, it's something that us Moms do, us women do. We are born with this desire to make sure others needs are met before ours. 

Recently I was speaking with a fellow publisher and she wanted me to work on myself, my goals and learn how to take care of myself and to make sure I don't burn out. So far it's been a pretty big fail but I'm no quitter...I don't think. This week I've worked on my "day off", worked outside of my "work hours", worked 12 hour days and lunch...HA! But I did get my hair done because we know that's important, but I made up for that with an extended day and then that PTA meeting that I couldn't get out of which is enough to drive a person to drink.

I guess you can call this my whiny article, the one where I am looking for people to feel sorry for me, actually for us because for all of my whining there are a hundred more women out there still working and will probably work an 18 hour day and make me look like a wimp. But really I want to hear from you, how do you do this? How do you cut a little time out for yourself? How do you learn to stick to your breaks? Now I know some of you are miracle workers and I'll probably begrudge you for your "my spouse is amazing" comments but it's okay, for Lent I've given up saying ugly things. 

Is it possible? Really for us women and especially Moms? Email me and tell me your ideas so I can share with our fellow Macaroni Moms and you might just give some of us some hope.