Macaroni Kid S/B in business for 6 years

By Pamela Kennedy September 28, 2017

Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier has been in business for 6 years! Honestly it sometimes feels more like 20 but I've know most of you almost as long as I've known my daughter.

Six years ago I saw a friend who was a publisher in another state and thought it was a great idea for this area so I reached out to find out more. Although it is a national organization (on your next vacation find out if there is a Macaroni Kid to get ideas of things to do where you are visiting), this edition is very much local. I am not told how to run the newsletter or what types of things to put in the articles. Each community has a different need but we all are the same in loving working with fellow parents to entertain and keep our kids busy. 

Publishing your own family newsletter is not a day in the park. There are events to find, marketing to get subscribers and my most painful--ads to be sold. Without those ads I can't feed my family so it is something that I strive while still making sure to stay affordable for all businesses. 

I've had ups and downs but through it all I've grown to love my community and the people that I meet, I've made lots of new friends and been able to talk to you about my own struggles being a parent. I'm certainly not perfect and still have lots of growing to do but I am committed to doing the best I can to bring you great local events that families can enjoy together. Recently I brought on more help to be able to include more events in the calendar so I hope you find all of the great things we are sharing.

Thank you for sticking around and letting me live this dream, I hope I've met your standards. I hope you'll stick with me as I begin a journey of growth because I can only do it with your help. Remember I'm always open to suggestions from our readers, you can reach me at

Thank you and here's to 6 MORE YEARS!