Earn money selling your kids clothes

The Louisiana Jane consignment sale is coming soon

By Pamela Kennedy August 25, 2017

Kids clothes are expensive and since kids are constantly growing they don't last very long either.  This is why I love shopping consignment--I can get some great deals and pass on some clothes that my daughter has outgrown. 

Louisiana Jane gives us just that opportunity! They are getting ready for the upcoming consignment sale and are looking for consignees now. Gather those Matilda Jane outfits, remember they take all seasons, conditions and sizes including Mom items! It's a great way to earn money on your beautiful pieces and even better is that you get to shop the sale early and buy more great pieces. 

Want to know more? Check out their website.  Get registered soon so that you won't miss out, the more you consign, the earlier you shop. Drop off is on September 7th so make sure to get your items tagged soon. 

If you aren't consigning be watching for the sale starting September 8th. 

Make some money and clear the clutter!