Let's Go, Make, Eat this summer

By Pamela Kennedy June 15, 2017

To combat boredom this summer, we are bringing you an idea that's a "new" take on the Summer Bucket list: three jars labeled Let's Go, Let's Make, and Let's Eat. Inside those jars you place slips of paper with ideas for each type of activity. And then, here's the really fun part, your kids choose an activity from each jar and you do those activities during the week. This idea came from our Snoqualmie Valley-Issaquah publisher and I think it's quite brilliant. ​​It's simple and easy and well, we are loving this idea! So much so, in fact, that Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier is going to bring you weekly options for going somewhere (think of this like an adventure), making something (we may get a tiny bit crafty here but I'll need your help), and eating something (we've got recipes and restaurant ideas for you)! 

I'll update it right in this article weekly.


LET'S GO:  Monroe/West Monroe

LET'S MAKE:  Mudpies

LET'S EAT:  Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles


LET'S GO:  The Red River Balloon Rally


LET'S EAT:  Snacks for everyone. One my favorite new places Delish has some great snacks.


LET'S GO:  July Downtown Artwalk

LET'S MAKE:  An easy dinner 

LET'S EAT: Kalona Kones (stay cool at one of our favorite places)


LET'S GO:  To the Library (Stay out of the rain this weekend)

LET'S MAKE:  Fidget Spinner Cookies! (From our local Pinkwhen. Make the mold here)

LET'S EAT:  Evi's Schnitzel Haus (Shreveport's first German restaurant, it's gotten great reviews)



LET'S GO:  To Splash Kingdom (Special Season Pass party)

LET'S MAKE: PIZZA (see what Bella Nonnas is up to)

LET'S EAT: BBQ Chicken

Email me at and tell me what you'd like to see featured this summer.