Month of the Military Child

By Pamela Kennedy April 13, 2017

Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier supports our military families. I think that many people see and support our soldiers (as they should) but miss the sacrifices that the families make so their loved ones can go fight for our freedom. Several years ago I had the privilege to meet several spouses of deployed soldiers and it taught me just what they do for us.

April is the Month of the Military Child and the children give up time with their parent and many simple things that we take for granted. They move frequently and away from friends, have parents who miss their birthdays and holidays and just every day activities. These children are born into this life and do the best with what they are given. I am proud to know several military children and their families and to call them friends.

Baskin Robbins also appreciates and supports our military and their families so we teamed up to do something special for them during the week of April 17th. All week we will feature military kids on our Facebook page.  We will show a picture and that child will win free ice cream from Baskin Robbins. It is locally owned by a wonderful retired military family and I am happy to partner with them for this tribute.

Starting today please email me at with a picture of your military child and their first name. If you want to add a little more info that is fine, we will do our best to protect their privacy and want to make sure they stay safe. Several times throughout the day starting on Monday April 17th I will post a picture and that child will win! Be sure and watch the page so that you can contact me and get their coupon.

Thank you to all of our military and families, we honor and respect you.

Breanna Wolfe Photography