From the Publisher

By Pamela Kennedy March 23, 2017

Each year my daughter and I take a Mother-Daughter trip during spring break. It's a tradition I started a few years ago and I have loved the memories that we have created and hope we can continue for years. I turn off social media and email and just focus on us and having fun. Because of this I won't be publishing a newsletter next week but have shared lots of activities and hope that you and your family will have a great time together. 

For others out of school there is plenty to do around town, Gator & Friends will be open extra days. Bossier and Caddo Parish Libraries are having some special programs and you can always go get some delicious frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog

I will continue adding events to our calendar up until the time I leave on Sunday and you can submit your own at by clicking "Submit an event" under our calendar on the website

Have a great week and I'll "see you" in April!