More ways to Be your Own Boss

By Pamela Kennedy February 23, 2017

Juice Plus + -Denise Jensen

I wasn't looking for another ds or mlm business, but I honestly believe God put it in my life. I am fascinated by the human body and what makes it work. I wanted to get healthy again. I also love a rebate! Enter Juice Plus+! 30 concentrated, whole food fruits and vegetables in a gelatin capsule or a chewable. After months of contemplation and research I decided to add the capsules to my daily routine. This basically means I pay $50 a year for a membership and that allows me a rebate on my order. It also gives me the opportunity to build a business. Be my own boss!! No inventory, no minimums, no quotas, and you keep whatever position you earn! I decided I would just share my story with JP+ and what this #onesimplechange has done for me and just see what happens! And as a bonus, my child gets to take it as well and it's free with an adult’s order. Win win!! It's been almost 5 months and I love what Juice Plus + is doing for me and my child. Want to know more? Please reach out to me at 318-780-8744 or go online to

Young Living Essential Oils, Deanna Bicket

Hi my name is Deanna Bicket, I am my own boss thanks to Young Living Essential Oils. Being my own boss provides me the freedom to take work with me wherever me and my family go. My husband Ryan & myself have been together for 9 years, he is in the military and that means we move often. I have 3 little boys; Aiden (5), Alexander (3 ½), & Andrew (1 ½ ) that keeps me super busy with Young Living I can do what I need to for my family and still earn an income that I can schedule the hours around our crazy schedules.

I started with Young Living almost 3 years ago when my oldest son was not able to do some everyday activities and we exhausted our options with doctors. That was when a friend introduced me to Young Living, after some research, I bought a Premium Starter Kit. The kit came with a diffuser and 11 oils and I immediately started diffusing in my boy's room: lemon, lavender & peppermint. Shortly after using the diffuser with my boys, I started to see some amazing results and decided to try some other products YL offered such as Thieves Cleaner, Mountain Mist deodorant and Thieves toothpaste. Once I realized that I could replace many of the harsh chemical products in my home with something safer for my family. What I have found with simple changes my family is living a healthier, chemical free lifestyle with Wellness, Abundance and Purpose. Visit my website at to learn more.

Clever Containers-Carol Beene, Clever Container Consultant

Clever Container came to be when two friends, one a professional organizer and the other a stay-at-home-mom, had the great idea to bring organizing tools and techniques to those who need it most through an "Organizing Party" format. The "idea" started in 2006 and came to full realization party format in January 2007.

I have always loved organizational tools and creating new ways to contain and make life more functional. Over the last year, I had helped my parents downsize from my childhood home of 2500 square feet to a much smaller assisted living residence. My sisters and I were really challenged to make it a functional home that would make sense and also feel secure. On one visit, I rearranged my mom's coat closet with some organizational tools I brought from the house. She said, "You do that so fast!" About the same time, I stumbled upon Clever Container online and knew it was a business venture where I could use ideas and abilities I already enjoyed and knew I was good at doing. I visited several times with my Managing Director, Jessica, and jumped into my own business in October 2016

Our Mission: Clever Container is dedicated to helping people take control of their lives (1) by providing high-quality, innovative and functional tools—along with practical techniques and useful information—for organizing the world around them, and (2) by offering a business opportunity to motivated individuals who share our belief that an organized environment can lead to a more productive, fulfilling life for each of us.

If I can help YOU become more organized, contact me to book a party or for a complimentary consultation.

If you too are passionate about containing the clutter, the papers, making life more productive, then perhaps you should consider this great business opportunity yourself! Contact me anytime!

Scentsy-Jennifer McWilliams, Independent Director & Founders Circle Member

When I became a consultant 6 years ago I was the furthest thing you can imagine from a sales person. I was excited to open my $99 starter kit, but at the time I never could have imagined the incredible blessings that Scentsy would add to my life. I joined to get a discount, so I wasn't expecting to earn several hundred dollars in the first month or to watch my new source of income continue to grow year after year. I definitely wasn't planning to build a business, reach the rank of Director, or become one of only 53 members of the exclusive Scentsy Founders Circle either, but it happened. I had no experience, but the simplicity of the plan made it easy for me to follow and achieve success. Scentsy is generous and they've rewarded me with cruises and all-expense paid vacations to the Dominican Republic, California, Hawaii, Mexico, the Bahamas, and even Europe. Scentsy has taken me to some pretty amazing places, and I've made new friends from all over the world. I give back by mentoring a team of inspiring consultants. I help them learn the business and get to watch as they accomplish their own goals. It's extremely rewarding and the income I receive has made it possible for me to spend more time at home with those who matter most - my family. If you're interested in discovering what a Scentsy business could do for you, I would love the chance to sit down and talk with you. The opportunity is as real today as it was the day I signed up, and it's still just $99 to get started.