Be your Own Boss

By Pamela Kennedy February 23, 2017

Being a parent is hard and the struggle between staying at home with your children and supporting your family, but many parents are finding unique ways to do both. I spoke to a few local direct sales ladies who shared their story on how they found a way to be their own boss doing something they love.

Check these out and if you see something that might work for you reach out to these ladies and find out more.

Mary Kay-Meredith Berinobis, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and Sales Director

I have worked from home, as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and Sales Director for over 22 years! What I love about it the most is being in charge of my schedule and most importantly, MY PAYCHECK. I can take off whenever I want, to go to lunch with a friend, go shopping, take a vacation, be involved with my children and their school activities and much more. I also can make as much money as I want because I am in charge of how much I work. Because Mary Kay is the #1 Direct Selling Beauty & Personal Care Brand in the U.S. and TOP 5 Global Skin Care Brand, we make the highest commissions. Therefore, I make great money is less time. I also have fabulous tax deductions.

Because I am a part of a $4 Billion company, there are many discounts, including my phone service, office supplies, computers, even flowers! I save money that I can use towards the needs of my family. I really enjoy being part of a Christian based company that’s mission statement is to Enrich the Lives of Woman. My mission statement is to “Empower woman to put the JOY & PEACE back into their lives. Gal.5:22.

Nerium-Stephanie Wu, Nerium International Independent Brand Partner

Look for a way to spend more time with family while still contributing financially.
I just love telling others about the life-changing benefits of Nerium. You can get rewarded in so many ways, including the opportunity to build part-time or full-time income that gives you the financial freedom to take control of your life. As a Nerium Brand Partner, you simply share breakthrough products that really work, then let the real results from our amazing products do the rest. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn big incentives as your business grows, like free Nerium products, a tablet, “Live Better” cash bonuses, all-inclusive vacations – even a Lexus car bonus! I would love to help you earn your Lexus car bonus, and the many other incentives that Nerium has to offer. The sooner you start, the sooner you can get qualified, so let’s get started on your Nerium journey today!
Make People Better.
Everyone has goals to improve and become a better version of themselves. This is one of the reasons I love Nerium International! They are truly committed to investing in their Brand Partners and creating an inspiring culture that will cultivate growth. I really connected with their vision and message of “making people better,” and I hope you will too.
What if this could be what changes things for you?
Check out this inspiring video! It’s all about how Jen, a stay-at-home homeschooling mom of five, finally found financial freedom with Nerium. Jen and her husband struggled financially for years before she became a Nerium Brand Partner. Now, Jen’s husband has gone from working several jobs to retirement – and Jen’s driving a brand new Lexus! It’s all thanks to Nerium! Her dreams came true and yours can too. Contact me now to get started!

Lularoe-Bridgette Ellis

Hey y'all!! I just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself and my family!!! My husband Joey and myself, Bridgette have been together for 10yrs and we have 2 girls(6yrs and 3yrs) and 2 fur babies! We are a military family and with that comes the challenge of finding a job for myself!

That is until LuLaRoe came into my life! I was a LuLaRoe fan for about 6 months and after watching so many others have much success I decided to take the plunge myself! My 1st reason for joining the LuLaRoeMovement was financial success! I’m now 2 months in and not only have I paid back my initial investment but I’ve been able to start paying on our other debits so we are well on our way to being a debit free family!! And that is just an amazing feeling and thought!!

However after working with so many women, helping them find their perfect leggings and top or Carly dress(thats my favorite) my WHY has grown!! Now my top WHY for being apart of LuLaRoe is helping women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful and confident in who they are just as they are!! I love when a customer messages me words of love and joy that they haven't felt about themselves in a long time!! Even more the messages I get where others have been inspired to pass along a pair of leggings to a friend and those leggings turned into a light of hope for them!!

So, yes the initial investment was large, but the blessings that come from it are that much bigger and worth it!! The personal growth that happens, the smiles, the beauty in every woman that is found, if all of these things aren’t reason enough to jump on this movement, then the financial benefit surely is! If LuLaRoe is something you have even slightly considered doing I’d love to connect with you and answer any questions you have, and tell you how it is on the day to day of running a LuLaRoe Business!
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Perfectly Posh-Denise Jensen, Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant

I started my journey with Posh 4 ½ years ago and now I'm a #poshboss. My $99 investment in the naturally based products has been more than just products! I'm a full time mom of 3 (4 if you count your husband, lol) and I needed something for me!! And I needed a product that I wasn't allergic to! Guess what? I found it! I've been to places I never would have gone and met people across the USA that I consider friends for life. And it's mine! My Posh business is mine. The company allows you to do your business your way. Want to be part time or full time, no problem. Want to just make a little extra spending money or build a team and conquer the world, it's your choice!!! The beauty of Perfectly Posh is the products sell themselves with quality and the company provides you with everything you need to be successful! It's up to you to bring out your inner #poshboss! Happy Poshing!