Discover a New Book

From Bossier Parish Library

By By Vickie Hardin, Associate Director of Public Relations February 7, 2017

Welcome to the monthly series of book suggestions from the Bossier Parish Libraries. Once a month the library will suggest books for your kids, teens and yourself! All of these books are available to check-out for free with your library card.

It's important that kids keep reading, for education and to help them grow their imagination. And for us it can help escape our everyday chaos.

Adult Fiction: “Conclave” by Robert Harris

When the Holy Father suddenly dies, it is up to Cardinal Lomeli to organize and lead the Conclave to nominate the next Pope.  The monumental task is anything, but routine.  Politics is rampant, tempers flare, and one of the Cardinals dies suddenly.  Then a member of the Conclave shows up unknown to anyone to make up the loss of the deceased man.  The Pope had secretly chosen Cardinal Benitez of Bagdad. 

Ambition, secrets, and lies plague the Cardinals as they muddle through the process.  The Conclave casts eight contentious votes before selecting the new Pope who would be called John XXIV. 

This is all fiction based on facts about how the Catholic Church goes about electing a new pontiff.  It is very interesting to follow the process and a challenge to follow the storyline with so many interesting characters.  I highly recommend this novel.

Young Adult Fiction: “I Woke Up Dead at the Mall” by Judy Sheehan (not AR)

The seventh floor of the Mall of America in New York City is reserved for the dead.  Specifically, for teens who have been murdered.  Much to Sarah’s surprise, one minute she is at her dad’s wedding and the next, she finds herself in the mall still wearing the tacky mango-colored bridesmaid dress…murdered.  At the mall, Sarah meets a group of teens working through their own murders trying to move on.  Some have a more difficult time than others and end up walking the mall for years. 

Sarah discovers who the person is that killed her.  She has to act fast to keep it from happening again.  Who did it?  How can she get out of the mall to stop it?

This is a fun read with some bits of reality mixed in with the supernatural.  Parents, be aware there is some language in the book. 

Children’s Fiction: “Ranger in Time: Race to the South Pole” by Kate Messner (AR: B.L.:4.7; PTS: 2.0)

Ranger is a time-traveling dog that is trained in search-and-rescue.  He has a first aid kit that alerts him to someone in trouble and it is the portal he uses to travel back and forth in time.  This time, he is on an expedition to the South Pole with a team led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott.  Ranger is traveling with Jack Nin, a boy from New Zealand, who is a stowaway on Scott’s ship the Terra Nova.  Jack wants to help his mother by earning money on this adventure. 

Ranger and Jack face dangerously freezing weather, blizzards, and treacherous terrain.  Food is scarce and warmth is non-existent.  Jack is determined to see the journey to the end.  Ranger is wishing he was home in his warm bed. 

What a great story that is based on fact.  Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his crew actually did make the voyage aboard the Terra Nova and arrived at the South Pole on January 17, 1912.  To learn more go to