Mother’s Day Gifting: Made Easy!

By Sponsored May 7, 2015
With Mother’s Day approaching, our thoughts always turn to our own mothers, but what about all of the special women in our lives that are moms or have been like a mom to us? Whether it’s a next door neighbor you can always rely on or a friend you can tell anything to, this year we want to show our appreciation with a personalized gift. Small problem, we don’t have a ton of time and while we do love and appreciate each of those women, we don’t want to spend a fortune.

That’s where baked goods come in. If you’re like me, you’re probably stopping into the grocery store practically on a daily basis. What’s great about the bakery department is that you can find everyone’s favorite treat – cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes and everything in between. And the best news and biggest time saver? You don’t have to bake! And with an added creative touch, you can create a personalized and adorable gift for each of the women in your life in a couple of easy steps.
All it takes is a few baked goods and some fun DIY materials to create an adorable creation like this cupcake bouquet:

Here’s how it works: 
  • Head to the bakery department at your local grocery store and pick out a baked good Mom is sure to love. 
  • Pick up materials to create a uniquely wrapped gift – straws, toothpicks, plastic bags, ribbon.
  • Package the baked goods & gift to the important mother-figures in your life! 
You can’t go wrong with this Mother’s Day idea for all the special women in your life. It’s simple, affordable, personalized and delicious. Buy it, wrap it, gift it, share it! It’s gifting made easy! 

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