Do you Boo?

A fun idea for Halloween

By Cristie Cass October 18, 2012
Booing the neighbors is not my original idea. I have no idea who started it but I heard about it last Halloween and it sounded like a fun community activity, especially since I don't really know my neighbors. I know a few things about them that anyone with eyes can see, but who are they? And how will they feel about me starting up a neighborhood Boo? That is yet to be seen. What I can tell you is that I had a ton of fun making up the Boos and I can't wait to see if my neighbors get into the spirit.

So, do you BOO?

What is Booing? It is not standing outside and yelling "boo" when your neighbors walk by. From what I've read there are many interpretations and different ways to do it. Just Google "Halloween Boo" and you will find a million different ideas.

I'm going to tell you how I will be doing it and you can take it from there. Basically, a Boo is leaving an anonymous treat, a sign, a poem, and instructions for two of your neighbors. In the instructions they are told to pass it on to two more neighbors and hopefully you will see it spread throughout the community. The treat can be a fun Halloween basket of treats and decorations. The poem (I found one I liked online) tells the story of Booing. The sign lets the other neighbors know that that house has been Booed and they should give it to someone else (and also is a fun way to see how many people participate). You can copy the person's poem and sign or if you are crafty, make your own. There are a ton of free printables if you google "halloween boo poem."

It doesn't have to be anything super expensive either. I made my boos from stuff I already had and a few things I got at the Dollar Tree. And if you aren't crafty, don't sweat it! Just grab a $1 bucket at the dollar store or Target, and throw some candy and little toys in there. Viola!

To me, this is kind of like a "Secret Santa." Just a fun way to build up your relationships with your neighbors and have a little fun.

Christie Cass is a new member of our community who has become a contributor to Macaroni Kid Shreveport-Bossier, you can check out her blog to see other fun things that she has going on.